Ladurée Macaroons

I started the first official workday of the year with beautiful and yummy Ladurée Macaroons that a good friend bought for me while she was on her year-end holiday in Hong Kong.

It brings me back to my holiday in Paris in June 2011 when it seemed I was exposed to Macaroons everywhere I went (to my delight!). I was presented with Macaroons from Dalloyau at the airportordered Macaroons at McDonald’s and saw Macaroons at every department store.

And I saw many young men carrying Ladurée paper bags, probably as gifts for their dates or girlfriends. Macaroons are loved by women it seems. I figure it’s the pretty colours, as beautiful and attractive as the colours in their desired wardrobe, handbag and shoe collections. Or perhaps it’s the variety of flavours they come in, Salted Caramel (my fave), Raspberry, Chocolate…hmmmm…  Its texture, the slight crisp at first, marshmallow-y as one bites into it, and then the gooeyness or the smoothness of the filling.

Now all we have to do is wait for the Ladurée store to open in Singapore. Get ready to queue again Singapore!

Ladurée Macaroons and Box

Too pretty to eat…almost 😀

Macaroon Flavours

Macaroons Galore at Dalloyau in Paris