It started out late last year, when Pantone announced that their colour of 2013 is Emerald Green.

Emerald Green Pantone Colour of the Year

Emerald Green: Pantone Colour of the Year 2013

Since then I had looked for opportunities to blog about Emerald Green.

During the Hollywood awards season (Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammys), the celebrities donned Seafoam Green and skipped Emerald Green.

The idea of blogging about Emerald Green still stuck in my mind, then I was struck by Serendipity.

A friend mentioned that Green is her favourite colour and Emerald Green featured prominently in her wardrobe. One week later, on Sunday, I watched  Oz–the Great and Powerful and I arrived home to find that the movie on TV was Confessions of a Shopaholic that featured “The Girl with the Green Scarf”–Emerald Green, that is.

So everything pointed me to Emerald Green, it became Serendipity.

So, Green. What about Green? Well, it’s Oprah’s favourite colour! Green likes Kate Middleton because she looks glorious in Green, and especially elegant in Emerald Green. And Kermit says, “it’s not easy being Green.”

If you like Green, like Oprah and my friend, what does it say about you?

According to the Colour Personality Test on People who like Green are:

  • Good listeners, communicate details, usually diplomatic.
  • Have a strong moral sense of right and wrong.
  • These people are often in the medical profession or some occupation which helps people.
I gasped when I read this, because I found it to be very accurate!
So go ahead, and try wearing Emerald Green, when you put it on, you’ll be surprised that it is a colour that’s very wearable–it looks great on almost all skintones. It’s on-trend, elegant and oh so Wicked!