LV Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Display Design Inspiration

I’ve returned from my bi-annual trip to Bangkok with a refreshed mind and happy tummy!

This trip brought both Art inspiration and fond memories of my life in Bangkok.

At every annual (and if I can spare the time–sometimes bi-annual) trip, I would always visit Siam Center. It’s recently gone through a glamorous and high-tech transformation, but I will always remember it the way it was–a mix of international brands (Adidas, Marks & Spencer, Boots), to successful local designers, and the in-between–the local designer brands that went international: Greyhound and FlyNow.

Now, post-transformation, they have more international brands than local designers, leaving me wondering if I’d ever find those local designers again… I never took their store cards and didn’t take note of the names of their labels. Foolishly and sentimentally, I took for granted that they’d be there on my next visit…

Of course their transformation is a sign of the times and a necessary move to keep up with their glamorous neighbour, mega luxury mall, Siam Paragon.

It’s certainly “Bright Lights, Big Brands” now.

They are currently holding an exhibition “Siam Center Idea Avenue: Collaboration”, which features products from famous brands used as design inspirations for products created by aspiring designers and people in the creative and branding industries (advertising, public relations). This exhibition is complemented by pop-up stores of famous international brands.

Siam Center

Bright Lights, Big Brands –Siam Center: Idea Avenue Collaboration
Photo Credit: Wei Jen Chang

Magnum Designer Inspiration,  Siam Center Design Collaboration

Fashionable Food–Decadent Magnum is inspiration for a glamorous necklace

Siam Center Designer Collaboration

Louis Vuitton store’s Yayoi Kusama window display becomes a Bikini
Photo Credit (Left): Mike B from Colorado

I like what they’ve done and wish our malls in Singapore would so the same and also tap on our creative talent. We are probably more creative than we give ourselves credit for!